Do you need second visa??





住所 Caboolture QLD 4510
投稿者の他の記事 なし


職種 その他
ワークスタイル カジュアル
必要な英語力 初級(ほんの挨拶程度)
ビザ ワーキングホリデー

Do you want second Visa?

hello. I am working at a strawberry farm.

I'm looking for a walker to work with at the strawberry farm.

The strawberry farm is in qld, and if you want to move, I will prepare the documents.

Of course, it is a farm where you can apply for a second visa and a third visa.

▶▶ about farm.

I'll fill out the form when you come.

The document is for your weekly salary and second visa application.

If you come now, you're picking strawberries.

Pickings will work from June to October.

The unit price of pickings is flexible, but usually 1.2-4.5.

The unit price goes down when there are more strawberries,

and the unit price is high when the strawberries are just starting to grow.

The method is for individuals to sit and pick on a tool called a trolley.

The trolley has a tent, so it is good to block rain or strong sunlight.

Strawberry is small and relatively easy to do compared to other crops, so there are a lot of women.

If everyone works hard, everyone can earn a lot.

*The farm is located about 20 minutes away by car, and if you own the car, you will fill the passengers first.

*Commuting $5.00.

*There is no illegal (unpaid Pay Slip, unpaid Pay, etc.).

*For those who have completed 88 days, we will send you a second format of 1263 form right away.

▶▶ About accommodation

The accommodation is located in a town about 20 minutes from the farm.

It's a new house, so it's in great condition!! If you want a picture, please contact us!!

Convenience facilities such as Asian Mart, K Mart, Woolwals, Cols, Kfc, McDonald's, Hungry Jacks, etc. are located nearby.

If you don't have a car, we will pick you up for free by shopping two or three times a week.

- About the room price -

It's 130 dollars for a double room and 110 dollars for a triple room (master room).

There's two weeks of Notice on 200 dollars of Deposit.

High-speed Wi-Fi and kitchen cleaners, kitchen utensils, water supply, gas, electricity, rice, garbage bags, washing machines and refrigerators are provided free of charge.

Even for those who came to Australia for the first time, we can help you with everything you need in your life, including issuing TFN, opening a bank account, and phone number in Australia.

If you want to pick up at the airport, we will pick you up on time for free.

Lastly, those who like to exercise, play games, and drink, welcome.

While staying with us, enjoy various hobbies together, and I promise you a fun farm life.

kakao : qnfrmsl

phone : 0468 939 079

Line : hyunjunshin1229

Inquiries are always welcome and are often missed during the day because they are driving or working.

If you leave a text message or Kakao Talk during the day, I will answer you kindly and sincerely even if you are late.

Thank you.