A Fun Variety of Farm Jobs!!



住所 Perth WA 6000
タイプ その他
サービス料金 有料
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We are looking for workers for citrus picking and packing, vegetable picking and packing and vineyard work.


1. Citrus Picking and Packing: Citrus picking is a contract job and citrus packing is an hourly job.

2. Vegetable Picking and Packng: Vegetable picking is a contract job and vegetable packing is an hourly job.

3. Vineyard Work: Pulling, trimming and rolling are contract jobs. Cutting is an hourly job.


Workers will be able to experience all 3 jobs. Our work location is based in Red Cliffs and Merbein (VIC) and these jobs qualify for your second visa. There are also pick-up services available. 


Travel Info: 

Workers are required to travel to Mildura VIC. We will transport workers from Mildura to Red Cliffs and Merbein.

If you are currently in Perth WA, there are easy ways to travel to Mildura VIC. if you book online.

Search for planes at Web jet: http://www.webjet.com.au/ or Virgin Airlines http://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/

The fastest way to travel to Mildura (VIC) is by plane to Mildura Airport with Virgin Airlines.


Workers from Sydney or Adelaide can travel to Mildura via Greyhound: http://www.greyhound.com.au/  Workers from Melbourne can travel via Vline: http://www.vline.com.au/

If you are interested please send your contact details and enquiries.

For further information you can view: www.flickr.com/photos/ozlandcollection