Wnated!! sunshine!! 2nd Vias!!





住所 Coochin Creek QLD 4519
タイプ その他
サービス料金 有料
投稿者の他の記事 なし

You are feeling  boring the city life!!

Want to stay new atmosphere !! New friend!!!
2nd Visa and want to save Big money!!
Want to meet foreigner friend and develop English skills!!
Like a sport !! especially soccer!!
Just contact me!!!!
Wanted people that faithful ,powerful and joyful!!!!

About work : planting(approx.  4weeks)  until middle of march
      What is planting??
      Put into the strawberry plant to the strawberry field
     After finish planting we do trimming(2~3 weeks) and picking and packing 
    ~untill November!!
----We have work until November !! Don’t worry anout the job!!----
Pay : hourly (22.13) 2~3 day work a week
        Contract($35~40) 2~3 day work a week
     We work hourly and contract together!!
Location: Sunshine coast
Accommodation Share house $120 Bond $200(transport fee is $5dollars a day to the farm)
          Farm stay  $100-110 Bond $200(Really close the farm ! No transport fee.)

2nd Visa :  2nd visa available!!
I don’t want to say anymore!!
I just looking for the workers that when we work!! Work hard!! When we enjoy!!Just enjoy hard!!
Just once in a working holiday time in farm job!!!!
Just enjoy your farm life at here!!!Everything is bright and happy here!!
I guarantee this farm is best condition (pay late, circumstance) in this area!!!
If you have any question please contact me anytime!!!

Contact : 0413 267 846
line : shine846