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住所 5 acqua st burpengary QLD 4505
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職種 その他
ワークスタイル カジュアル
必要な英語力 初級(ほんの挨拶程度)
ビザ ワーキングホリデー

I'll help you from the second visa to the safekeeping in Australia.
A large strawberry farm near Brisbane is recruiting people for the 2020 season.
Strawberries are relatively easy among crops, so women do a lot and money is not bad, so they look for them a lot! Our company is officially licensed as an Australian business and is a safe company with no problem with Seconds application. Please contact me if you need a second visa or third visa.
We will help you with the necessary documents and additional application documents!

@What do you do?
Cutting starts with strawberry planting beginning in late February and early March.Because I work with Ohji manager and Korean manager under Oji Farm.
I think it is a good situation for those who can't speak English and want to use English.
Since there is a farm size, I can work more days than other farms.
If you adapt well, you can save enough to go out and settle down during the second round.
For those who are good at it, they come to second place and stay on the farm and earn a lot of money.
There are many.


-A double room is $130 and a triple room is $110 a week.
We have two weeks' notes for Defajit $200.

-Wi-Fi, washing machine, refrigerator, and tableware are all in it, and the number of electric gas is all zero.
We also offer unlimited kitchen detergent, laundry detergent, rice and garbage bags.
- The house is in good condition because it is a new building.
If you want a home photo, I will send it to you as soon as possible
- There are shopping centers near the house and Korean mart. We also help you shop by car every week.
It takes less than an hour to get on the train in Brisbane City, so you can go on an off-day trip.

Farm Pickup will be picked up for $5 round trip.
If you have a car, we'll give you a head count.

For those who are coming to Australia for the first time, I will help you with the phone system TFN. Don't worry!

You can also pick up @Breezeburn City Airport.

The farm has to be paid exactly as much as I've worked

Above all, you have to see if there's a steady stream of work.

Welcome to learn and work together!
I work with him as a walker.
I will do my best to make money by filling the second and making it fun together.
If you need anything else, please contact me and I will kindly answer it.
Just feel free to contact me.~

phone - 0412 920 210
kakao - joonghyun1

line - hyunjoong05