We are looking for meat processors at Melbourne (No skills required)



0413384222 / came0214@hotmail.com


住所 Melbourne Sydney NSW 2000
ウェブ www.katint.com
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職種 エンジニア(技術者) / 運転・配送教員 / その他
ワークスタイル フルタイム
必要な英語力 中下級(簡単な意思の疎通ができる)
ビザ ワーキングホリデー

We are looking for meat processors at one of the largest meat factories in Australia.

No skills required! (but you should be able to move to Melbourne)


Introducing the factory

The factory that we have advertised is in Warrnambool. There are proximally 700~800 foreign labours in the factory including about 250 Korean labours. Our on-site managers work in the factory during business hours and will help you the process to work as finding accommodation, induction progress and pickup without any charges.


Wage: $17.50~21.00 for male workers depends on the job description. ($16.50~19 for female). The wage will rise when employees complete the initial contract and intend to renew the contract. You also may receive a weekly bonus up to $150 by evaluating your performance with a supervisor in the factory.(ABN Contract)


You must obtain a certificate for Health and Safety course which is issued by a test (duration of 1~2 hours). You will pass the test easily as it’s an open-book test ($56 for the test and you should pay it to an education agency by cash yourself).


Accommodation: It is available to find your own accommodation (use a public transport from Pakenham city); otherwise, there are some accommodations have rented by the company (takes about 10~30 min. to the factory by walk, All bills inclusive, 2 weeks bond, 2 people per one room $200 fortnightly). We can wait until you get paid if you don’t have enough funds at the beginning.


Equipment: Equipments will be provided by the company and there are some security deposits for Knife hand and other general positions, $300 and $100. All equipments must be returned after the contract period and the company gives back the fees. (Exemption may apply if the equipment has damaged or lost)


We pay the wage fortnightly and apply 150% rate if you have worked more than 90 hours fortnightly or work on weekend (excluding substitute holiday).


Contact us

Working Holiday Visa holders only!

By phone or text: 07 3841 3854 (9 am~ 4pm Monday to Friday) or 0413 384 222

By email: jobinaus@gmail.com


Thank you.