Reporter - Japanese TV program



会社名 Office HiRo
住所 Sydney Sydney NSW 2000
投稿者の他の記事 なし


職種 その他
ワークスタイル カジュアル
必要な英語力 ネイティブ並み
ビザ 永住 / 市民権 / その他

Our client is a Japanese TV production company and is currently seeking a Sydney-based female reporter who is a native speaker of English for a Japanese morning TV program.

Your role will be a reporter introducing Australian uniqueness and fashion trend to television viewers in Japan. You will visit shops, restaurants, markets and fests in Sydney with other crew members so it’ll be fun and great experience!

The filming is currently scheduled between 16 and 28 Jan 2016 and you must be available during this period. Coverage takes up to 10days during the period. Please DO NOT apply for this position if you are not fully available for the period.

This TV program is organised in collaboration with a magazine “marie claire style”. Fashion-conscious Australian student would be ideal for the role.


<<Recruitment Information>>

Healthy, bubbly and charming girl. She must be a native English speaker with good smile.

Age: 18-26 years old

Rate of Pay: A$250/day (Approx. 8hs/day)

Applicant who can speak fluent Japanese will be highly regarded.

CV and 1 minute self-introduction VTR must come with your application.


<<1 minute Self-introduction VTR>>

30 second chest-above figure + 30 second full-length figure – making as a 1 minute VTR.

When you film your full-length figure, please turn around once.


Please talk about yourself (name, hobby, your favorite destination for trip, the reason you applied for the position, your attractive feature, something you are currently delves into, your impression on Japan, your favorite Japanese foods, your dream for the future – anything you like) for 1 minute. If you can speak Japanese, please make your self-introduction VTR in Japanese.


Your VTR will NOT be used for any other purpose other than this application.

Deadline is on 3rd January 2016. We will select a reporter in early January 2016.

If you are interested in this position, please send your 1 minute self-introduction VTR and CV to info<<at mark>>officehiro.com.au by email.

Please note: Only successful candidate will be contacted.






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