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SOFT GLASS uses a new type of PVC material.
It is environmental protective, soft, transparent, and with safe insulation. The material has good flexibility and pressure resistance. It has resistance to both cold and high temperature.
SOFT GLASS is widely used for the dining table, kitchen bench, office desk and other furniture to effectively prevent damage from the burning and scratch. The soft glass can also be used on the glass. It not only keeps the original colour of the glass, but also gives a good protection of the surface of the glass. Due to its nature of stability, soft glass can also be used on the work platform and machine.
SOFT GLASS comes with a thickness of either 3 mm and 5 mm, the width can be up to 180 cm. 
SOFT GLASS can be applied on the surface of the glass or table or other furniture. Also it can be used outside of the fence to prevent the entry of fallen leaves or other garbage.

Warehouse Address:
Unit 5, 25 Hoskins Ave BANKSTOWN NSW 2200
Tel: (02) 9709 8572
Email : cleargroup@hotmail.com