$$$ Karaoke Staff wanted in Sydney($80/hour) $$$



0403688673 / chzj0008@gmail.com


住所 259-261 Sussex st Sydney 2000 Sydney NSW 2000
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ワークスタイル パートタイム / フルタイム / カジュアル
必要な英語力 ほとんどわからない

We are looking for an outgoing and fun minded ladies to work as a karaoke staff in a busy room karaoke in Sydney.

Briefly to explain, we offer customers to come and enjoy karaoke in a room with alcochol and your job is just to make a comfy, fun atmosphere in the room. We do not force you to drink alcohol, do naughty things, withstand bad customers. You will be paid $60-$80 dollars an hour.

Normally a customer spends 2-3 hours each occasion so you are making at least $240 plus the tips just for talking and playing!

Staffs here are averaging around $2000 per week and maxes at around $3000!!!

Working hours are Mon-Wed ; 2000-2400 (4hours)

                               Thur-Sun ; 2000-0200 (6hours)

Short hours, great pay, night time only so you can go to school, go shopping and travel in daytime!

Most of the customers here are Enlgish speaking western people and few Chinese and Koreans. They are very sensible and gentle so you dont need to be afraid of anything.

We offer you a delicious dinner everyday, pick you up in front of your door step to workplace and return home. Accomodation available for our staffs as well!

Why not give us a call on 0403 688 673 or leave a message and we will get back to you!

We can speak to you in Japanese, English and Korean so dont hesitate to call us :)