Yoga - private lessons at your home, ハタヨガ。あなたの自宅でプライベートレッスン。



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For Health and Beauty ,  ( Hatha)  Yoga  IS a great experience.

Please TRY to Actually experience. 

Begin with Easy Positions (asanas) then progress as your body Stretching improves, Along with Deep breathing. Turning attention Deeply in to the body, feeling Calmness and Joy. As per YPGA not only part of Heal the body where energy is stuck, Body accustomed to the yogic postures would soon be flexible,

Lessons cover: Stretch

Breathing (prãnãyãma)

Postures / Positions (ãsanas)

and meditation method (dhyãna).


I live near Sydney city. Come to your home, at your convenient time, Reasonable price, 

If only 1 individual, 1 hour session at your home $ 25

Please call or message me, (with your suburb & how many students) thank you.


Hatha Yoga (Hatha Yoga )

For health and beauty, Yoga originated from India (Hatha Yoga) is,
if you scratch the surface experience, will be surprised at the effect certainly.

Please try to actually experience.

I live near the city. , A convenient time for you, at a reasonable price, come to your home.

In the case of one individual only,
class of one hour, I will come to $ 25 your home

, Please message or call me, please inform your suburb, number of students. Thank you all!


Enters through deep breathing,
and move the body in the induction and you are taking it easy. Turning attention deeply to the body, that will not ever tasted, deep joy will be felt.

Not only heal the part that stuck energy of the body, 

pose one of one of yoga,
 will continue to act largely on the nervous system and the body and mind. In hatha yoga class, and based on a Asutanga Yoga, we effectively combine what you have learned to others. The pose of one, because there is a lot of effect, health can be obtained from the root of the body. Body is accustomed to movements yogic early, to be flexible,


Breathing (prãnãyãma)

Positions method (ãsana)

I tell you about meditation method (dhyãna).