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【Scam Prevention Measures】Alerts for rental scams on classified ads

As always thank you for choosing JAMS.TV.

We have recently received reports of several accommodations posted by scammers on classified ads on our website. The most common case is that the accommodation is not available despite having payment completed. We stand firm against such fraud and scams and support to minimise damage caused to our valued customers, thus fraudulent account prevention measures are in place on our classified ads posting sites, such as mobile phone number (SMS) verification.

Any post that is suspected of fraud and violates our terms and conditions, will be subject to deletion of the relevant post, suspension of the account, and possibly reporting to law enforcement agencies, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

As for all prospective tenants, we ask you to be alert and all the properties should be inspected before renting to ensure legitimacy.
The best prevention against rental scams is never to transfer money beforehand. Scammers are so effective that they are skilled at getting their victims to trust them by sending his/her ID (such as expired passport) , real estate contracts and the images of the property. But they may come up with excuses when you ask for an inspection , “I am away now.” , “ I can't entrust my keys to you.” or “ I will organise it with the receptionist once your money is transferred.”

Please note: Never pay upfront before an inspection or meeting the owner of a property.

If you have experienced a scam or think someone is trying to scam you, please report it immediately to the police station in your area and also contact us on support@jams.tv 【JAMS.TV Customer Support】

Our mission is to ensure your safety on our classified platform, and assist you to have a safe and enjoyable time in Australia.To do so, we are thoroughly taking countermeasures against any types of scams.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

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